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The European University Institute (EUI),based in Florence,Italy
is organising a selection procedure based on qualifications and tests

to draw up a reserve list for the post of

Teacher of Italian Language
Part time (50%)

(Temporary Agent, type 2a, AST041)

in the Academic Service, Language Centre

Who We Are

The European University Institute (EUI) at a glance: 

an international organisationset up in 1972; 

a research university focusing exclusively on post-

graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral studies,

and advanced research; 

located in the hills overlooking the city of Florence,

The Institute also hosts the Historical Archives of the

European Union.

More on our Institution: https://www.eui.eu/About

Our Unit

The Academic Service is in charge of providing support, including
monitoring and assessment, to the EUI’s teaching activities. The
Academic Service oversees and supports the application, selection,
and admission processes of master students, early career researchers
(i.e. doctoral and postdoctoral fellows), fellows, academic assistants
and professors.
The Academic Service collaborates with national and international

funding authorities and academic and research institutions in the world. It follows and
administers the progress of all academic programmes at the EUI (Master, Ph.D., postdoctoral)
in close collaboration with the EUI Academic Units, the Dean of Graduate Studies, and the Dean
of Postdoctoral Studies. It offers a wide range of academic skills and professional development
courses and career advice to early career researchers; offers language courses; counselling and
wellbeing services and supports a wide range of extracurricular activities.

1 cf. Annex II


The Language Centre is part of the Academic Service and offers courses, workshops
and services designed for EUI members and their different needs during their stay at the EUI.
Its mission is to provide language training in oral and written academic communication skills
and to facilitate networking in academic environments. The language centre offers language
courses and services in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish provided by professionally
trained staff and also relies on a group of freelancers.

Your Key Responsibilities

The EUI is looking for a teacher of the Italian language, to teach Italian as a foreign language
to members of the EUI community, including doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in the Social
Sciences and Humanities.

The successful candidate will design and deliver courses, workshops and services to the EUI
community (including students, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, and staff). They will
assist in the coordination of the Language Centre’s activities for the Italian language and
collaborate with members of the EUI community, the colleagues in the Language Centre, and
the teaching and learning officer.

Level of Expertise:

Acting as a subject-matter specialist for Italian language courses; 
Acting as language specialist in Italian, as well as advising EUI staff and faculty on language-

related issues; 
Acting as a pedagogical specialist, including pedagogical digital capacities., with special

emphasis on diversity and inclusiveness in the learning environment

Policy/ Strategy Making: 

Under the supervision of the Director of the Academic Service and the Language Centre
coordinator, assisting in developing and implementing the overall strategy, design and
activities of the Italian language Team of the EUI Language Centre, taking account of the
EUI’s mission as an international teaching and research institution; 

Analysing the Italian language needs of the EUI community, including those related to
newcomers to Italy, contributing to their smooth integration; 

Contributing to the Action Plan, the Annual Activity Report and the fulfilment of the KPIs.


Representing the Language Centre internally and externally: presenting the activities of the
Italian language Team both internally in the framework of the EUI doctoral and postdoctoral
programmes and externally to external stakeholders and in conferences; 

Participating in outreach activities: developing networks and creating partnerships with key
universities and institutions teaching Italian both inside and outside the EU.

Level of autonomy and accountability: 

Working with a high level of autonomy; 
Reporting to the Director of the Academic Service and the Language Centre coordinator.

Role in administrative processes: 

Contributing to the annual programme of courses and activities of the Italian language Team
of the Language Centre;

2 

Providing Italian language courses to members of the EUI community, including Ph.D.
researchers, postdoctoral fellows and staff; 

Actively participating in the digitalization of administrative procedures in the Language
Centre; 

Carrying out special tasks in administration as assigned by the Language Centre’s
Coordinator and the Director of the Academic Service.

Budget management:

Contributing to the planning and management of
the budget of the Language Centre.

Finance and procurement: 

Contributing to all financial and procurement
processes related to the Italian language unit; 

Verifying payments and commitments, and
participating in evaluation committees for tender procedures.

People management:

Assisting the Language Centre coordinator in the division of tasks (amongst staff members
and freelancers) according to the annual programme of courses and activities; 

Providing contribution for the assessment, recruitment and the development of staff.

Your Key Competencies

All staff at the EUI share the following competencies:

Ethics and integrity 

Working in a multicultural environment 
Accountability 
Delivering quality and results

Competencies specific to the unit and the role include the following:

Knowledge of Processes & Procedures 

Multitasking 
Problem solving 
Interpersonal skills 
Working with others 
Pedagogical understanding 
Open-minded mentality

What We Offer 

A role in an inspiring community of young scholars with an
exclusive focus on master, doctoral and post-doctoral studies; 

A truly multicultural community of 1100 academics at all
career stages and support staff of approximately 85 different
nationalities; 

The commitment to a genuine culture of equality, diversity and
inclusion, and the commitment to attracting, encouraging and
retaining a diverse and highly qualified workforce; 

A world-class research library, the Historical Archives of the European Union, and many
other excellent research facilities;

3 

Languages courses and soft skills trainings; 
Access to all EUI facilities: library, crèche, cafeteria, gym, participation in seminars and

workshops; 
Competitive salary package including health and pension plan; 
A healthy work-life balance in a family-friendly environment.

How To Apply

Applications must be submitted electronically using the V/AD/ACS/3/2021 online application

form available at



Before completing the online application form you are invited to read ANNEXES I &

II that represent an integral part of this vacancy notice.


Annex I – Eligibility and Selection Criteria


On the closing date for online applications, you must fulfil all the following general

and specific conditions:

1. General conditions 

Being a national of a Member State of the European Union; 
Enjoying full rights as a citizen attested by a recent extract from judicial records and/or

certificate of good conduct proving no previous conviction for a criminal or administrative
offence that could call into question his/her suitability for performing the duties of the
post; 

Having fulfilled any obligations imposed by the laws on military service; 
Being physically fit to perform the duties.

2. Specific conditions

2.1 Education (Qualifications)

A level of post-secondary education attested by a diploma, or
a level of secondary education attested by a diploma giving access to higher education,
and appropriate professional experience of at least three years. This professional
experience will be considered part of the educational qualification and will not be taken into
account in the required numbers of professional experience under 2.2.2.

2.2. Professional experience2

By the deadline for applications, and in addition to the qualifications required above, you

must have at least five yearsof relevant professional experience gained after obtaining the

diploma required under 2.1.

2.3 Knowledge of Languages3 

Main language: have a thorough knowledge of one official language of the European
Union; and 

Second language: a satisfactory knowledge of another official language of the European
Union to the extent necessary for the performance of the duties.

2 Professional experience will be counted from the date on which the applicant acquired the minimum qualification

for access to this post. Only duly documented professional activity (i.e. remunerated employment or self-
employment) is taken into account. Part-time work will be taken into account in proportion to the percentage of full-
time hours worked. Periods of education or training and unremunerated traineeships are not taken into account.
Completed PhDs can be counted as professional experience up to a maximum of 3 years. Any given time period can
be counted only once.

3 Recruited candidates shall be required to demonstrate before their first promotion the ability to work in a third EU




Essential 

Graduate university degree in languages, linguistics or related disciplines; 

At least 5 years of relevant professional experience in a Higher Education Institution in

teaching Italian as a foreign language, with high levels of learner satisfaction attested by

feedback/appraisals; 

Qualification in teaching Italian as a foreign language; 

Strong communication, representation, promotion and networking skills; 

Excellent knowledge of Italian (mother-tongue level), both spoken and written (CEFR level:

C2); 

Excellent knowledge of English, both spoken and written (CEFR level: C1 or above).


Doctoral degree in a relevant area; 
Work experience in an international environment; 
Knowledge of additional languages of the European Union.


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